Friday, April 15, 2016

T+5 Years: Still Going Strong!

I just recently passed the 5 year anniversary of my SLAD/R surgery with Dr. Berke and his team, and more than 3 years since my last update.

I've been meaning to post an update these past few years, but I just never managed to get around to it. That's partly because I've been busy: we moved back to the US from China, bought a house, started (a couple of) new jobs, etc.  But it's also because I just don't think much about spasmodic dysphonia any more.  And that's because I don't have to.

My voice has remained strong, clear and most of all reliable.  I no longer worry about it misbehaving at the wrong moment, or giving out on me when I need it.  Along with this gift has come an unexpected bonus: a reduction in stress that I don't think I noticed I used to have.

For those of you wondering about the long term effect of SLAD/R surgery, here's a recording from this morning:


  1. You sound awesome! Do you have any pre audio? I've had ADSD since 1994 and botox was a lifesaver but I am considering surgery.

    1. Hi Gena - The "pre" audio sample is in the earliest post on my blog:

      Best regards,


  2. You sound awesome! Do you have any pre audio? I've had ADSD since 1994 and botox was a lifesaver but I am considering surgery.

  3. I also had the surgery about 5 years ago . I can't recommend it highly enough. Botox was inconsistent and unpredictable. Voice therapy was useless. My social and professional life was in ruins. This procedure allowed me to live a normal life again.

  4. Thank you so much for posting your journey. It has been tremendously helpful for me to hear your stages of change.

  5. Does anyone know the cost of surgery

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