Tuesday, July 26, 2011

T+175: Almost There

Here’s the latest recording of my voice from this morning. I got tired of reading that tedious passage on the history of China, so instead I’m just talking about my voice for long enough so that you can make your own determination:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

T+170: Six Months and Counting

I’m nearing the six month mark now, and I wish I could report that my voice has fully recovered, but I’m not quite there yet. However, it does continue to improve every day, and the fact that it’s less than perfect is more of an annoyance than a handicap. I no longer go around apologizing about my weak voice, and very few people ask if there’s anything wrong with my voice when I speak. Either they think I have a head cold (which is sort of how it sounds now) or they just assume that my voice is naturally a little raspy. The only challenge I have is with noisy restaurants – to produce a fair amount of volume, it sort of feels like I’m trying to shout, which eventually becomes tiring.

Dr. Long did tell me that the recovery is “4 to 7 months.” I was probably hoping against hope that I would have my normal voice back in only 3 months. Instead it seems as though I might be getting the full 7 month version. In any case, now that I have much more voice than before, while I’m a little impatient, I don’t really mind having to wait another month or two.

The good news is that I still haven’t experienced any spasms at all, and while I do sometimes miss the louder volume that I could produce with my pre-surgery voice, I do not at all miss the spasms, and am thankful that they are now gone.