Wednesday, April 20, 2011

T+78: Light Headed

It’s now about two and half months since the surgery, and there hasn’t been that much to report since my last update. My voice is a little stronger now, and especially in the morning I am starting to have a bit of volume. If I’m in a quiet area, my voice is actually quite functional, and I am pretty much back to my normal routine at work, going on business trips, meeting with colleagues and clients, etc. I even present with my semi-voice in front of small, friendly groups, but not yet in front of large audiences. I can converse relatively easily on the phone now, though I’m hesitant to call people who are unaware that I only have a partially functioning voice. One of the things that I appreciate is that there are no spasms at all, and if I’m in a quiet environment, I can speak quickly and without effort. However, since I still need to use a lot of breath, if I speak a lot I can get a bit light headed, but this is happening less and less.

Loud places such as restaurants are challenging, but I’m getting used to my weak voice, and my weak voice is getting a little stronger every day. Swallowing liquids is not a problem and I don’t gag anymore, but I’m also not up to chugging a bottle of water all in one go. I suppose that will eventually come. The area from the incision to the bottom of my chin is still pretty numb, but I think it’s getting better – either that or I’m getting used to it. But most of the time I don’t notice it.

The good news is that I’m well past the half way point now. The bad news is that I’m getting tired of not having my real voice. But it shouldn’t be much longer now.