Monday, February 7, 2011

T+6: Driving to Las Vegas

Warm, beautiful days, with   
skiing just an hour outside of
LA. I really should move here.
Dad and I drive to Las Vegas. We stop half way at Burger King and I have an Angus Whopper or whatever the heck they call their premium burger. It’s really good, really disgusting and totally unhealthy all at the same time. I finish it off in no time and wash it down with a milkshake, which is really easy to drink, plenty thick without having to use Thick-It. Normally I can do a 5 hour drive easily on my own, but I got really tired, so Dad took over after 3 hours, while I had a nap.

We make a great father and son
team: I can't speak and he can't hear!
Since we’re on the way to stay with relatives in Las Vegas (I have a conference 6 days from now in Las Vegas, so decided to stay with relatives for a few days), we stopped to pick up a little gift. Dad’s ears had clogged up so he was having trouble listening to my non-voice. The guy behind the counter didn’t know what to make of us, so I said, “We make a great team – I can’t speak and he can’t hear.” That led to laughs all around.

One thing that will help you get through this period is to have a good sense of humor about it. The good news is that in a few months, I should (hopefully) be permanently relieved from the symptoms of spasmodic dysphonia. The bad news is that my voice is now worse than it’s ever been. But in a way, that’s okay. People understand surgery, and my voice is obviously not functioning. People don’t understand spasmodic dysphonia, and it was stressful to continually try to “hide” the problem.

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