Friday, February 4, 2011

T+3: Discharged

I had breakfast, showered up again, had my last antibiotic by IV and was about to leave when lunch arrived, so I had lunch. The nurse was doing a great job of yelling at the catering staff to bring me 10 packets of Thick-It with each meal instead of just three. I’ve been managing to eat with less Thick-It so I managed to build up a surplus of Thick-It packets.
Back at Tiverton with
Steri-Strips over the incision
They finally removed the IV from my hand, which felt great. I changed into my street clothes and was taken in a wheelchair (regulations) to the pharmacy (which is in the same building in the basement) to pickup my antibiotic, Prednisone steroid, Colace, Percocet pain killer and Nexium for reflux (I’ve never had reflux but it’s a precaution to protect the surgical site). Then they wheeled me to the front door and, together with Dad, we walked back to Tiverton House (about a 10 minute walk). There’s a shuttle or you can also take a cab, but it was a nice day and I felt up to it.

I went across the street to Ralph’s and stocked up on Yoplait strawberry pudding which is really easy to eat. I was also told that Ralph’s had “great chicken dinners” to go so Dad, Craig and I went over to check them out, and ate it at the Tiverton house lounge. “Great” was probably an overstatement, but it was much better than that mush I was eating in the hospital, and was my first real meal since the surgery. I can now eat just about anything as long as I chew it fully and swallow carefully. For beverages I still need the Thick-It.

I’m taking my medicine by opening up the capsules and mixing them into the Yoplait yogurt. In general, this is not an advisable technique since with some medicines this could result in a concentrated dosage. But I’m a little freaked out about swallowing capsules whole, and for the antibiotic and Nexium capsules, this method is works just fine. The Prednisone is in small tablet form and poses no problem when I eat it with yogurt. I don’t seem to need and thus don’t take any of the Colace or the Percocet.

It feels good to be out of the hospital. I don’t have much voice, but it’s more than I expected. If it’s quiet, people understand me. My wife and kids understand me by phone or Skype. If I need to talk to someone briefly in public, I just say, “Sorry I lost my voice”. They assume I have laryngitis, and it’s no problem.

I bought several boxes of tissue to deal with the phlegm, but they went unopened, as the phlegm has largely subsided.


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