Tuesday, February 15, 2011

T+14: Next Stop Baltimore

It’s now two weeks since the operation, and I’m doing fine. For me at least, the first two weeks weren’t “highly unpleasant.” The first day or two were “somewhat unpleasant” with the rest being what I would term “neither pleasant nor unpleasant.” I started to drink liquids without the Thick-It. I have to be careful, but I’m getting them down. I’m doing fine at the conference because I’m only listening. Often at these conferences I speak. With spasmodic dysphonia that was always a stressful challenge. Now it’s impossible. But I’m looking forward to speaking again. Think I’ll be a great speaker when I eventually wind up with a non-spasming voice.

With a half dozen colleagues from Asia, we fly together to Baltimore, for the other conference that we all need to attend. I just bought a giant 30 oz can of Thick-It before I left Las Vegas that I’m dragging with me, but I don’t think I’ll even need to open it.

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